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Sam Davis Gage Service has been bought by C and E Associates, LLC. The sale was completed on April 21st, 2017. C and E Associates will be honoring all current warranties until July 31st when the last issued expires. Please contact C and E if you need warranty repair work done. Please do not contact Sam or any other former employees as they are no longer obligated to honor any warranties. Your equipment will be sent off-site, depending on what type it is to a competent repair shop with whom we have arranged to make the necessary repairs. Please call (864)252-5877 or email support@samdavisgage.com for warranty repairs.

We Are Liquidating Many of The Assets of Sam Davis Gage Repair

C and E Associates is primarily a real estate developing and managing entity. Sam Davis Gage possessed several assets that relate to our business model. We were clear with Sam that we intended to liquidate the repair service at our first negotiation. We apologize for the inconvenience that this will cause. When someone has served customers for 50 years the loss will be deeply felt. We are attempting to locate service companies for referral. Sam thanks you for your business and we thank you for your understanding.

We Are Taking Inventory of Assets to be Liquidated

We hope to soon have an inventory list available for examination by those who are interested. If there is a specific item in our possession that you would like to make an offer for please contact us at (864) 252-5877 or support@samdavisgage.com. All items not liquidated by July 31st, 2017 will be auctioned off. Date of auction to be announced.